i have moved.

28 12 2007


Update your links everyone! I will henceforth be found at TheDailyMuse.net. It’s running on WordPress too! Am still in the process of figuring some things out, so the interface is very likely to change constantly over the coming weeks… but bear with me and I’ll still be blogging in any case ;)

Thanks to everyone who’s been reading me here at WordPress.com. Now the next chapter of my life continues…

christmas eve.

25 12 2007


It was a pretty enjoyable evening at Timbre last night! As always, the boys from EIC were there to entertain with some Christmas tunes and other assortments.

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best christmas present.

24 12 2007


I got offered the job this morning :D

Merry Christmas everyone!

asian indie.

21 12 2007


As 2007 draws to a close, it’s almost time to sum up the year in music like I always do. Looking at preliminary results, it looks to be a very tough fight in most categories as there have truly been an unprecedented number of auditory gems this year. But if anything, 2007 has been The Year Of The Indie Band. Who needs stadium rock anthems when we can have infuriatingly catchy power-pop tracks under four minutes long? Heheh.


Anyways, before we go into all that on New Year’s Eve, there’s still time for a couple more reviews… and this time around, it’s yet more indie! But coming from closer to home, that is. If you’re under the impression that Chinese music is all about R&B stuff like Jay Chou and bubblegum pop like Jolin Tsai, this should be an eye-opener!

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so exciting!

20 12 2007


This just in: I’m moving soon!

… in cyberspace, that is. After four years of serious (haha) blogging, it’s time to move out of free blogging clients and onto my own domain.

(Plus, it helps that someone’s buying me a domain/webhost for Christmas XD)

I’ll probably try to design some sort of a website and incorporate my blog into it, so stay tuned for that!

And now, to think of a good domain name… any ideas?

hong kong: day 4.

19 12 2007


The last day in Hong Kong was much more productive than I thought it would be! We went for dim sum round #2, bought tons of stuff, and even managed to fulfill the final aim of our trip.

(+13 after the break)

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hong kong: day 3.

18 12 2007


Didn’t take many photos for the rest of the trip; was really busy shopping! But the highlight of Day #3 was spotting some TVB artistes in Tsim Sha Tsui! XD

Before the trip, I had jokingly told some people that I hoped to meet TVB actors/actresses when I was in HK… but I seriously didn’t think it was going to happen!

Somemore it’s someone I like leh! :D

(+16 after the break)

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